I LOVE THIS RACE!! I’ve been supporting it (running in it) every year since 1997!! Yet, some how, every year I manage to get SLOWER~~ LOL

PRE-RACE Jitters… -oh wait, that’s cuz I took my five hour energy drink…LOL









LASTLY…. I ALWAYS go back to get Lori and help her finish strong!!!


Lori finishing up strong!!




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WELL….not for ME…but it is for my hubby! Let me give a SHOUT-OUT to Karl because today is his 47th BIRTHDAY… he got up early and went out hunting and this is what he got!!



He’s actually crossed the line from Deer Hunting to Duck Hunting… so now I have to start buying him all kinds of duck stuff for his bday, Christmas, Father’s day… so today, I got him an Avery Lay-out blind…. looks more like a coffin to me!! YIKES…..


Once Upon A Time…..

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That’s the way all stories begin isn’t it??

Oh to go back to our childhood days! Life was much simpler – but God calls us to a higher calling…NOT simple. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like the phrase “Life Is Good”…. life isn’t good… GOD is good but life is not. It is only because of God that life is BEARABLE. When I hear that phrase, (LIG) I want to say to that person, tell that to the children who are being raped, beaten and starving all over the world, do you think they’d say Life is good??? But I keep that to myself because MOST of the time people don’t mean it that way and I would never want to offend somebody’s “good day” –

My husband, Karl, loves to go hunting. He says that’s the time he gets to communicate with God and really FEEL his presence- Myself, I feel Him through music…..isn’t it funny how each of us “feel” God in our own ways? I’ll be posting some pics on here of Karl and his duck hunts.. .. .. all his duck hunting buddies… and the dog they take with them.. its a sight to behold! The only thing missing this year is my bonus-son, Kyle. It’s a sad situation and those of you who know are praying and have been praying for him…. THANK YOU! We KNOW God has it….. and this story does NOT end with “and they all lived happily ever after”

How do you “feel” God….??


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SOOOOO….yeah, I’m one of those bloggers who blog and then quit and then blog and quit…sorry… but THINGS need to happen in order for me to blog about it… or do they?

LIFE AS IS… …. …. I’m done with all my 5K’s, half marathons, FIVE MILE runs…till FALL. Then it will start all over – but for now, I’m CHILLAXIN it. I love FaceBook, have met some new friends on there, some old friends and TONS of family. Now I’m into this FARMTOWN on FACEBOOK….UGGGG…..if you haven’t started it, DON’T. It’s HIGHLY addictive but OH SO MUCH FUN!! (well, go ahead, try it)

Our church, CROSS POINT COMMUNITY is opening up a new campus, our NORTH CAMPUS which will be in Goodlettsville/Hendersonville area so we’re pretty excited about that.

The 4th of July is upon us and we (Karl, Kyla and I) will be venturing over to St.Louis to visit my family for a few days and then on to Karl’s family in Buffalo NY for a few days…YIKES… that’s a lot of driving with a TEEN in our car!! PRAY FOR US… LOL.

OTHER THAN ALL THIS…. life is exactly where God wants it to be with us….and we are BLESSED and THANKFUL.

I’ll try to post a little more often, but I’ve probably lost all three peeps who were my “true followers”…. so now I’ll just ramble on for MY sake. 🙂

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT A COOL IDEA!!! This is a 5K race that I signed up for through active.com… I don’t know “Scott & Erin” but they really are getting married right after this race…. Scott ran the race (as you can see by my pics below) not sure where Erin was, probably over at the other tent getting ready for her wedding. It was a cute race…. if you pre-registered you received a t-shirt that looks like a tux… they also had wedding cake after the race…something I did NOT WANT after running 3.1 miles!!

This was held at Centennial Park and it was HOT HOT HOT out… AND quite hilly…more so than I thought it would be. Saw a fellow CrossPointer there, Andy Youssi (which for those of you out there who have little ones, Andy does voice characters in VEGGIE TALES!!) So Andy and I took a pic w/SCOTT. My friend Lori Horner ran it too…I had to PEER PRESSURE her into doing it… she hasn’t been able to run w/me on a consistent basis since she had her second child, TWO YEARS AGO…and she did FABULOUS!!




YUP…. I tend to start going crazy once I’ve gotten the taste for PAID RUNS! You’d think after doing the HALF MARATHON that I wouldn’t run again….and that’s what I said upon completion of the half marathon….however, I tend to forget the pain (UNLIKE CHILDBIRTH…which is why I only had ONE child….I can STILL remember every single vivid detail….but that’s for another post)… HERE are the pics of this Music Row Road Race, which helped out St. Jude’s Children…

I’ll be doing ANOTHER 5K on May 30th… called “Scott & Erin’s Wedding”…. can’t wait to see what this is going to be like!!

Here we all are….JEFF MOORE, LEANNE MATTINGLY, ME, KAY MOORE, LESELY VAN D, and Lesley’s little one, DYLAN


HERE COMES JEFF MOORE!!!! (check out his time!!)

I know it LOOKS like I was walking, but trust me….I was NOT!

Our “Y” friend, Leanne Mattingly….she had not run in a YEAR before this race…LOOK AT HER!

We are all cheering on little Lesley…it was her FIRST RACE EVER!!!!


ALL OF US… Jeff, Kay, Leanne, Lesley, me

WHERE THE HECK IS JEFF??? Oh, taking the pic…..

OBVIOUSLY this last pic was AFTER the race…. we did have a LOT of fun!…comments?????

YESTERDAY was the actual day … but I’m just now posting about it today. It took me all day yesterday to recoup!!

We did TONS of training since January and I thought I was really ready….till we got down there and started feeling the HEAT…. As if that wasn’t bad enough, my “system” decided it wasn’t going to “work for me”…until the race began and I was already at MILE ONE…so I have to run into the closest place, which was a McDonalds…with quite a few other girls…I waited IN LINE for 20 minutes…then my “process” took 20 seconds… done…now back on the asphalt..only to realize my GARMIN wasn’t running!!!!!!! YIKES!!!! So as I was running, I kept piddling with it till about the 2.00 mile mark and I just decided to turn it off and turn it back on…RESET… which it then began to work. OK, now can I have a FUN RUN???!!!

It was fun…till about 2.15 miles when a very young lady (I’d say about 24 yrs old) next to me just dropped to the ground and started having a SEIZURE!! About three guys immediately picked her up and layed her on the sidewalk yelling for someone to call an ambulance. I literally wanted to cry… I had never seen something like that and I could do absolutely nothing… it tok a good mile to get over that. NOW CAN I HAVE A FUN RUN??

It was fun…. till it started getting hot…not just hot, but VERY hot…. I wore a skort…and my legs were sweating bad… rubbing and rubbing… I didn’t put anything on my legs… I thought they were going to bleed they hurt so bad…. so I ran over to the Medical set up and got some vaseline…AHHHHH…. relief……and ready to continue on. NOW CAN I HAVE A FUN RUN????

I don’t even remember what mile I was in… the whole thing has now become a blurrrrrr…..at some point I saw my friend, Kay Moore (be sure to check out KAYS blog, more and better pics on there) so I just jumped over and started running w/her – not much of a loss there, abt a half mile…. but still…I kept going but had to stop at all the medical stations (more vaseline) and I saw, at least, 20 people (all young) passing out and getting carted off my ambulances… it was so scary. At the end, I was SO delirious… I got very nauseous and thought I was going to get sick…I just kept asking for Karl….who couldn’t come in the runners corral….so I had to WALK MORE just to find him.

It was definitely an experience….don’t know if I’ll ever do it again. But IF I do, things will be done a bit differently!! HOWEVER, I very much enjoyed my training months with my peeps…JEFF MOORE, KAY MOORE, RHONDA COLGAN, TIRSA PAGONA, AMANDA MILLER, BRIDGET and DANIEL MENG, HOLLY SINGLETON, ASHLEY WARREN and JENNI CATRON…. NOW THAT WAS FUN!!!!!!!

I NEVER HAD A FUN RUN…. But here are some FUN PICS…The first one is of all of us .. the SECOND one is of me crossing the finish line and you can see Kay over to my side SMILING at me w/her white hat on and her MEDAL on….the THIRD one is of Kay, Rhonda and Me…..the FOURTH one is of all the peeps at the race, the FIFTH one is of Jeff Moore, he is wearing the GREEN shirt w/ a multi-colored buff on (headband)…the SIXTH one is of me coming into the finish line but I’m pretty far back…(I have on the blue buff).

You can go to CMM to see race results.