L-I-F-E……. don’t take it for granted.

Posted: April 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

APRIL 10, 2010…. seemed like a normal Saturday morning – then the phone rang. NO ONE likes an early morning phone call.

It’s almost 7:30a.m. and I get a call from Karl saying Kyla has been involved in a car accident. I had just turned my cell phone on and saw her text where she said she was AT HER BABY-SITTING GIG… that text was at 7:08 am. HOW could she be in a car accident? And what kind of accident? Fender bender??? Karl didn’t know….all he knew was she was being taken to Vanderbilt Hospital.

I immediately got up and threw some clothes on and just headed out 40 E… I had no idea how to get to the hospital.. I made a quick phone call to my BFF (who also went to the crash site and picked up ALL of Kyla’s stuff and found her cell phone and EVERYTHING!) and continue on. Then I get ANOTHER phone call, this time it’s the police officer- who, by the way, is SUPER nice… Mike Nieves with the Charlotte Pk. area police department. His first words were “Mom, slow down…. you will beat the ambulance there” and I immediately slowed down (not sure why, it’s not like he would have known either way) he told me Kyla fell asleep at the wheel… and that she has some injuries but nothing life threatening that he could see. I was somewhat relieved.

To sum this up…. Kyla suffered a broken foot (2 places), a small punctured right lung, a bitten tongue (which was really gross) and MANY many bruises and scrapes. She actually flipped her car… HOWEVER, she is alive and considering the damages to her, she is well!

Life could have been very different days after that accident….we COULD have been preparing her funeral… we COULD have been still up at that hospital with her being brain dead…. we could have been. WE ARE GRATEFUL to GOD that HE has allowed her to continue on this earth with us. KYLA knows and realizes how blessed she is. PLEASE do not take life for granted…as we all tend to do. It is short. Every night when I lay my head on my pillow, I am thanking Jesus. EVERY night. I never want to stop. We are grateful to ALL our friends and church family who was there to help us (especially to Tom Tyndall for coming up to the hospital on his BIRTHDAY to see Kyla)… a big MWAH! We are thankful.

  1. so glad she’s okay. no doubt that was a very scary situation!!!!!

  2. holly says:

    What a relief that she is OK. You are so right – never take life for granted and never stop thanking God for all you have – every day! I can’t imagine the feelings that you must have endured that day – it makes me cry thinking of the scenario. Thank God she is OK.

  3. Praying all is going well Deb! Think of you and we pray for your family!

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