Country Music Marathon – 2010…DOWN THE DRAIN!

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

March 17th…. 2010- Has it really almost been a YEAR since I ran my FIRST-EVER half marathon????


Yes, it’s been a year… and I was SO looking forward to running in it again this year – HOWEVERRRRR…. I’ve had a few set-backs.

1. My back went out on me AGAIN- while at the gym, I decided to move a 45lb. weight (and I thought it was a 20lb. weight) and pulled my lower back completely out!

2. I SOMEHOW developed a form of VERTIGO!! WHUT THU????????????? (seriously, I thought that was just a Hitchcock movie… and NEVER thought it was REAL)

SO….I recouped from the back injury (slowly) and thought, well, I still have time to catch up on my miles… got in five…on my way. TILL WEDNESDAY, March 10th..

I roll outta bed and was like “WOW”…I am SO DIZZY! (no puns please) – so I think I just need to eat something (BIG MISTAKE)… I eat a cereal bar and banana… all is still spinning (and not in the cycling kinda way that I usually do-see FaceBook). So I try to get up and walk a little bit ….uh oh.. oh no…. oh no………say it isn’t so……….. YUP, it’s so… I AM THROWING UP…. BIG TIME! I’ll totally spare you the details.

NEEDLESS TO SAY, I am out of the running for THIS YEAR. I do go see a specialist TODAY (ENT) at 2:00…. yup, it’s been eight full days of non-stop spinning. I was able to get o a GP doc who gave me a shot of phennigran (however its spelled) and some Meclizine…. PLUS I have the BEST NURSE…Kay Moore…(she has this too)… I am forever thankful for her words of wisdom and for her taking great care of me!! Also to Angie Dishon for bringing Gatorade over to me when I so desperately needed it!! I LOVE YOU TWO!!

NOW….onto a better post… I GOT MY BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MORE BLOGGING ABOUT THAT TO COME…. when I can ride (and type longer)

  1. Awwww so sorry ! Praying for you to get better soon 😦 xoxo

  2. debbie… i’m so sorry you’re out and so sorry you’ve been facing these struggles! hoping your appts. go well!

  3. Sarah Heinss says:

    You got a bike!? You are so cool!!

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