Posted: December 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

HERE I AM AGAIN….complaining about another race… WHY do I even do them when I complain so much???? Because my “complaining” is actually my way of “LOVING” them!!

I wasn’t too thrilled to be doing a “winter race”….as you will notice, I NEVER do winter races (and yes, anything below 40 degrees is considered a WINTER race to me)… however—- I have a friend who used to live here, MoPo (Melissa Poznanski) but now lives in Seattle and she asked me if I would run in a race with her….her FIRST RACE EVER! HOW COULD I REFUSE THAT???? The Poznanski’s are here visiting for several days and I LOVE helping people get started into running….. I TRIED to get her into it when she lived here but … the timing was not quite right back then.

I am SO PROUD of her accomplishments…. she is now HOOKED on races (and my five hour energy shots!!)… here are the pics… BD (Brian Dishon) is always up for a race…. he runs like a rabbit…and I’m not even kidding! CHECK him out too!! We actually had SO MUCH FUN!! Sure did miss my BFF’s! Well, there is always NEXT YEAR!! 🙂

ME, BD, MoPo


CRAZY BD!!!! 23 MINUTES STRONGER THAN US!! Gotta love that hat though!!

MoPo coming to the finish line!! 30 MINUTES STRONG!!!

SLO-POK coming to finish line…teehee… 37 MINUTES WEAK…but still UNDER 40!

AND BTW, YES that little girl AND her mom beat me!!! LOL….

WHEN’S THE NEXT RACE????? I believe it’s the COUNTRY MUSIC HALF MARATHON….who’s in peeps ??????????

  1. How are you doing? Are you on facebook??

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