Boulevard Bolt – 2009

Posted: November 26, 2009 in Fitness

Today was my annual Boulevard Bolt Race… It was FREEZING out at 6:30a.m. this morning, but I endured! BD and Angie Dishon rode down to the race with us (BD participated, Angie stayed w/Karl as a spectator), plus we picked up my annual running partner, Lori Horner…OFF TO THE RACE!! This is a five MILE race…WAY out of my normal 5K (3.1) races that I do..but WELL worth it!!

The three of us …


HERE COMES BD (which is Brian Dishon, for those of you who don’t know him well enough)-HE IS UBER-FAST!


ANDDDD….HERE I COME…. (One HOUR 7 min. later- HOWEVER, just like the 1/2 marathon, I had to GO TO THE BATHROOM DURING THE RACE….so yes, I made a pitstop…took away from my time, but I still had a FABULOUS RUN!!)


I sure did miss my friends, JEFF & KAY MOORE…it just was NOT the same without them! PLEASE come back next year! And lastly, I could NOT do ANY of my races without my faithful manager/photographer/PR person/HUSBAND, KARL!!! He is absolutely the BEST at doing things like this… always holding everybody’s STUFF(jackets, cell phones, goody bags, etc)….always taking ME (and ANY of my friends who want to ride with us) to ALL of these events instead of HUNTING (which is where he’d rather be)…always taking the BEST pics (most of the time) and lastly always keeping the paparazzo at bay for me…(that’s a BIG one)…LOL

NEXT RACE: The Jingle Bell 5K.…. COME JOIN ME!!! Our friends from out-of-town will be here and joining in…Rob and Melissa Poznanski.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL MY FAITHFUL READERS.… I know I’ve been so lax on posting lately!!


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