Posted: July 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

SOOOOO….yeah, I’m one of those bloggers who blog and then quit and then blog and quit…sorry… but THINGS need to happen in order for me to blog about it… or do they?

LIFE AS IS… …. …. I’m done with all my 5K’s, half marathons, FIVE MILE runs…till FALL. Then it will start all over – but for now, I’m CHILLAXIN it. I love FaceBook, have met some new friends on there, some old friends and TONS of family. Now I’m into this FARMTOWN on FACEBOOK….UGGGG…..if you haven’t started it, DON’T. It’s HIGHLY addictive but OH SO MUCH FUN!! (well, go ahead, try it)

Our church, CROSS POINT COMMUNITY is opening up a new campus, our NORTH CAMPUS which will be in Goodlettsville/Hendersonville area so we’re pretty excited about that.

The 4th of July is upon us and we (Karl, Kyla and I) will be venturing over to St.Louis to visit my family for a few days and then on to Karl’s family in Buffalo NY for a few days…YIKES… that’s a lot of driving with a TEEN in our car!! PRAY FOR US… LOL.

OTHER THAN ALL THIS…. life is exactly where God wants it to be with us….and we are BLESSED and THANKFUL.

I’ll try to post a little more often, but I’ve probably lost all three peeps who were my “true followers”…. so now I’ll just ramble on for MY sake. πŸ™‚

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!

  1. emily says:

    nope… i’m still here… *as long as you will be there when i finally post* πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing… i hope you guys have a great trip… see you soon.

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